Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving forward

I have not posted in a few weeks mostly due to family in town, heading out for a week-long vacation and now Bekahs family reunion this week. So I am kinda OK with the lack of writing that has "not" been getting done.

Not a lot of goal reaching has happened in the past three weeks. BUT, I have still gotten several thousand words written. I will do a "real check-in" soon. But, for today I wanted to tell a story about my kids; more specifically Parker.

I have two kids: Parker and Grant. They are such great kids. Parker is turning three next week, and loves stories. Every night he begs for mommy or me to read him a story. In the past few months however he has been a bit obsessed and intrigued with robots. Thus when I lay Parker in his bed I often hear "Daddy, I want a story about a robot."

We didnt have any stories about robots, so I began making up great little short stories about a little boy named Davey and his robot, that Parker has lovingly named Pickles.

During the past two months Davey and his robot, Pickles, have gotten a gift, brushed thier teeth, played baseball, bounced on a trampoline, built a tree fort, gone to the pool among other small adventures. Each story has had a small hurdle that Davey or his robot have to overcome. They are small to me but Parker is always surprised by them. His eyes get so big as he says "Wow!" as I lay out the obstacle in the story. then Davey and Pickles, often with the help of his mommy or daddy learns how to accomplish his goal. I am thrilled to see the surprising abundance of joy that Parker has when Davey "wins." I am also surprised at how excited Parker gets when I mention sharing a new adventure of Davey and Pickles. I am going to have to write all of these down and submit to publishers as a children's series of story books.

I began making notes a few weeks ago and I am excited to officially add this new project to my "project list." A whopping two projects on my list now. :)

I am hoping to write the first Davey and Pickles adventure soon, and post it here on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled for a new little kid's story.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Check-in

Yesterday I wrote almost 700 words. Hey, don't scowl at me like that, its better than nothing! Have a great day.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Didn't write a thing last week!

Instead I went on vacation to Utah. My entire family came together for the first time in over seven years. It was quite the gathering and since the trip was such a big one, I decided that I needed to spend all my time with my five younger sisters, several of which I haven't seen in well over 3 years. It was a good way to spend a week.
My son loved to meet all of his new "friends." He didn't really comprehend that they were all part of his family. Oh well. Two year olds don't really care about therelationship; just that they are friends.
Here are a few pics of my family. One with my Mom, one with my Dad, and another with just me and my sisters!