Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too much going on?

I know it has been a while.  Sorry 'bout that!

I am currently hovering over the 45,000 word mark.  Wow that is a lot of words.  But I am still not even close to my goal.  Keep typing, typing, typing.  Yeah, I know.

In other news I have arranged and begun a writing group.  There are 5 of us.  It was really fun to meet last week and discuss one of the first scenes that I have written.  The really cool thing was that as others discussed my scene it was a revelation to me.  I learned SO MUCH.  I got lots of good feedback and I knew exactly how to "fix" the broken parts, so to speak.

Also, at work, I finally got to officially  move into Plaza One.  I now work eight hours a day on the twenty-second floor of a skyscraper.  It is really weird when you ears pop going to work.  I doubt that I will ever be used to it.

As a treat for those few people who have followed this irregular blog I am going to post something for you today.

*Drum-roll*  Under this very large cotton sheet is the most recent version of my world map.  Many things on this are changing and this is most definately not going to be the same by the time the book is done.  But I wanted to post this to demonstrate the level of commitment I have for finishing my book.  Enjoy the map.  I know I do :)
P.s. The H is a silent one in honor of my wife.  She rarely makes the H sound.  You should hear the way she says Human! :)



Sarah and Troy said...

I hope you're being socially responsible and using your book as a way to get the message out about global warming. By the looks of your map you are because there's a whole lot of water which means that the ice caps must have melted in the world of H'red causing certain death for those who lived in the unfortunate lands near the shorelines. Also, by having a race of Amazonian women who are physically and sexually dominant you are doing a good job of putting forth the woman-power, feminist message. This sounds like something Obama would like to read. Are you going to send him a copy? You might get some kind of presidential medal of honor for being a torch bearer of the progressive cause.

Ammon said...

Wow, am I that transparent. You just ruined the big reveal. My life's work is in shambles now. :)

Thanks for visiting! I can't wait to see you guys next week!